Data table histograms

The EventTable object comes with a hist() method, allowing trivial generation of histograms using any column as the counter:

EventTable.hist(column, **kwargs)[source]

Generate a HistogramPlot of this Table.


Name of the column over which to histogram data

methodstr, optional

Name of Axes method to use to plot the histogram, default: 'hist'.


Any other keyword arguments, see below.


The newly created figure.

See also


for documentation of keyword arguments used to create the figure.


for documentation of keyword arguments used to create the axes.


for documentation of keyword arguments used to display the histogram, if the method keyword is given, this method might not actually be the one used.

Using the above method we can generate a histogram as follows

>>> from gwpy.table import EventTable
>>> events ='H1-LDAS_STRAIN-968654552-10.xml.gz', tablename='sngl_burst', columns=['snr'])
>>> plot = events.hist('snr', weights=1/10., logbins=True, bins=50, histtype='stepfilled')
>>> ax = plot.gca()
>>> ax.set_xlabel('Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)')
>>> ax.set_ylabel('Rate [Hz]')
>>> ax.set_title('LHO event triggers for HW100916')
>>> ax.autoscale(axis='x', tight=True)



This is a snippet from the example Plotting an EventTable in a histogram.