gwpy.astro.inspiral_range_psd(psd, snr=8, mass1=1.4, mass2=1.4, horizon=False, **kwargs)[source]

Calculate the cosmology-corrected inspiral sensitive distance PSD

This method returns the power spectral density (in Mpc**2 / Hz) to which a compact binary inspiral with the given component masses would be detectable given the instrumental PSD. The calculation is defined in Belczynski et. al (2014):


the instrumental power-spectral-density data

snrfloat, optional

the signal-to-noise ratio for which to calculate range, default: 8

mass1float, Quantity, optional

the mass (float assumed in solar masses) of the first binary component, default: 1.4

mass2float, Quantity, optional

the mass (float assumed in solar masses) of the second binary component, default: 1.4

horizonbool, optional

if True, return the maximal ‘horizon’ luminosity distance, otherwise return the angle-averaged comoving distance, default: False

**kwargsdict, optional

additional keyword arguments to CBCWaveform


the calculated inspiral sensitivity PSD [Mpc^2 / Hz]

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