gwpy.astro.burst_range(psd, snr=8, energy=0.01, fmin=100, fmax=500)[source]

Calculate the integrated GRB-like GW burst range from a strain PSD


the instrumental power-spectral-density data

snrfloat, optional

the signal-to-noise ratio for which to calculate range, default: 8

energyfloat, optional

the relative energy output of the GW burst, defaults to 1e-2 for a GRB-like burst

fminfloat, optional

the lower frequency cutoff of the burst range integral, default: 100 Hz

fmaxfloat, optional

the upper frequency cutoff of the burst range integral, default: 500 Hz


the GRB-like-burst sensitive range [Mpc (default)]


Grab some data for LIGO-Livingston around GW150914 and generate a PSD

>>> from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries
>>> hoft = TimeSeries.fetch_open_data('H1', 1126259446, 1126259478)
>>> hoff = hoft.psd(fftlength=4)

Now we can calculate the burst_range():

>>> from gwpy.astro import burst_range
>>> r = burst_range(hoff, fmin=30)
>>> print(r)
42.5055584195 Mpc